Mammals of Kenya

It is a little more than year since I visited Masai Mara in Kenya with Sudhir Shivaram. It was on my bucket list and needless to say it was very exciting. Being a birder with not as much interest in mammals African savannas presents an amazing opportunity to see animals in action with clear sightings.

Each day use to be an early start and we used to wrap up only in the evening with breakfast and lunch in the wild !!

To start with the mammals here are a few shots of the King of Africa

Lioness in action:

but lionesses are very affectionate :)

 and the other 4 of the big 5

Well the Rhino is missing  but you see a lot of Zebras, Giraffes and Wildebeests


The best part was the crossing

and a few others

Olive Baboon

 Banded Mongoose

Syke's Monkey

Bush Hyrax

There is lot in Africa than you can discover in 6 days. If you want to see more visit my album.

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