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Birds from Coorg and Ooty

After almost a year long hiatus, I was back with some birding action over the new year holidays.

First, I was very excited to try this new lens , the Nikkor 200-500mm f5.6 . My initial thinking was that this will be a lighter and more versatile version instead of my Nikkor 300mm f2.8 which usually required convertors and tripods.

All the images below are captured with the Nikkor 200-500mm. To test the lens,  I went to the Gandipet lake area in Hyderabad.

To our disappointment the lake has receded significantly as Hyderabad did not receive much rains this year. The year before last, we saw Flamingoes and gulls here. None of them were around. We saw some Black drongos, Common Hoopoe, Swift and Paddy field pippit.

There were tall grass/ reeds growing on the lake bed and we saw a lot of Zitting Cisticolas doing their amazing movements up in the air.

With not much action, we aborted our visit and got this parting shot of a Juvenile Common Kestrel.

We went to southern part of the Kod…