Birding in Goa

We were in Goa for our Christmas vacation. While we spent most of our time at the beach and with the kids, I managed to sneak out some time for a half day birding trip to Bondla. I went with Rahul Alvarez, who is a Herpetologist turned Ornithologist.

The main objective was to get a good shot of the Malabar Trogon. My earlier attempt in Thekkady was in poor light.

We started at 6:00 from the Club Mahindra resort in Varca and reached Bodla around 7:30. The first spot that we visited near a temple was full of activity and a few Birding tourists were also there. We saw from a very far distance the White browed Bulbul, Yellow browed Bulbul besides the red vented and the red whiskered ones. Also we saw Purple rumped sunbirds, Plum headed Parakeet

Baya Weavers

and Jungle Babblers

We then moved to the main road on the way to Bondla Zoo and stopped a couple of times.

We saw the Malabar white headed starling ( Lifer)

and Rahul alerted us of the sound of Asian Fairy bluebird. After a bit of patient waiting we were soon rewarded with the magnificent view of this bird. Another Lifer.

Things were getting interesting and hopes were rising. In between I saw Common Ioras, Spangled Drongo, Leafbirds and Black hooded Oriole.

We then waited patiently at a spot where Rahul has seen the Malabar Trogon a few times. While waiting I shot a few Butterflies like the Tawny Coaster

and then Rahul alerted us of a sound of a bird. After a bit of waiting we saw the Black crested Bulbul ( Gularis) also referred to as the Ruby Throated bulbul.

It is a very colourful and is also the state bird of Goa. Another Lifer for me!! We waited for a while for the trogon but ran out of luck.

So while the search for the Trogon continues, it was a great half day birding with three lifers and a lot of fun. If you are a serious birder you can take the services of Rahul Alvarez while in Goa.

Finally we saw crocodiles near a lake on our way back....

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