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Birds near Jaipur

There is a lake 30 kms from Jaipur ( Chandlai Lake)  beyond the airport which is relatively unknown to most birders. I researched a bit on the net and visited the place for a few hours in Jan,2014.
We started at 6 AM . Our driver did not know the place and we had to guide him thanks to Google Maps. Soon we realized there was heavy fog and whatever little hope of birding in an unknown territory was about to vanish. We had a few cups of chai at a Dhaba while waiting for the fog to clear before finally making it to Chandlai lake.
When we reached the lake I could see a lot of initial promise with a flock of Black winged stilts welcoming us next to the road.

Rajasthan is known for its Babool trees and here is an Intermediate Egret sitting on a Babool tree.

A purple swamphen  added some colour to the gloomy morning
The locals were quite surprised seeing Birders with large lenses and a lot of honking followed. We realized we were in the catchment area of the lake and we climbed a ridge  to …

Birding in Goa

We were in Goa for our Christmas vacation. While we spent most of our time at the beach and with the kids, I managed to sneak out some time for a half day birding trip to Bondla. I went with Rahul Alvarez, who is a Herpetologist turned Ornithologist.

The main objective was to get a good shot of the Malabar Trogon. My earlier attempt in Thekkady was in poor light.

We started at 6:00 from the Club Mahindra resort in Varca and reached Bodla around 7:30. The first spot that we visited near a temple was full of activity and a few Birding tourists were also there. We saw from a very far distance the White browed Bulbul, Yellow browed Bulbul besides the red vented and the red whiskered ones. Also we saw Purple rumped sunbirds, Plum headed Parakeet

Baya Weavers

and Jungle Babblers

We then moved to the main road on the way to Bondla Zoo and stopped a couple of times.

We saw the Malabar white headed starling ( Lifer)

and Rahul alerted us of the sound of Asian Fairy bluebird. After a bit of pat…

Mostly Indian Birds - some of my favourites

Here is a sneak peek of some of the bird pictures from different regions of India. Usually these are shot during my vacations and occasionally some specific birding tours.

Great Indian Hornbill shot at the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary, Thekkady, Kerala.

Himalayan Bulbul at Sat Taal, Uttarakhand.

Oriental white eye, available across India. This one is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Eurasian Griffon Vulture shot near Dhanolti, Uttarakhand.

Fire tailed sun bird shot at Pangot, Uttarakhand.

Common Kingfisher shot at a lake near Hyderabad.

Crested Serpent Eagle. This one is from the Gir Forest in Gujarat.

Brown Fish Owl shot at Saat Taal, Uttarakhand

Glossy Ibis shot at a lake near Hyderabad

Spangled Drongo shot at Kaziranga, Assam

Yellow eyed Babbler shot at Kabini National Park, Karnataka

Yellow footed Green pigeon shot at Kaziranga, Assam

Indian Roller, the state bird of Andhra Pradesh shot at Hyderabad

Bar winged Flycatcher Shrike shot at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.

Black Shouldered Kite shot …

Birds of Uttarakhand

I had the privilege of going with a group of accomplished birders for the 2013 Great Himalayan Bird Count. in late Oct, 2013. I had participated in 2011 and had some great experiences in and around Dhanolti 

This time around we got the Yamunotri route. Besides the excitement to bird at a higher altitude, I was also curious to see the reconstruction efforts post the floods in June. Reconstruction activities were on and roads were accessible though broken in many places with tell tale signs of landslides everywhere. I also saw pretty widespread deforestation and a lot of construction activities for Hydel projects which are believed to be one of the causes for the huge calamity.

Our trip started at Dehradun, where had brief stay at the Geological survey guest house and we did a bit of birding around there. At Dehradun we saw the Dark sided flycatcher, Blue Bearded bee-eater,White throated fantail, Oriental White eye

Green Shank

White breasted Kingfisher

besides lots of Bulbuls, Treepies…