Lake birds of Hyderabad

I have been planning to post this for a while. We have been doing birding trips to the nearby lakes of Hyderabad over the last few months this season and I thought I will release a compilation. The lakes include Ameenpur lake, Manjeera water tank, Osman Sagar and Gandipet.

Hyderabad has a distinct population of lake birds which includes both migratory and resident. The migratory birds can be seen in winter till around March. This year the highlight was to see the greater flamingos flock to Hyderabad.

...and we were lucky to see so many of them before they flew back

The other common migratory birds are the Bar headed geese which migrates from Leh as I am made to understand.

We also saw Glossy Ibis, Brown headed gulls this season.

Among the resident birds near the lake shores most common are Grey Herons,Pond Herons, Eurasian Spoonbills, Egrets, Wood sandpipers,  plovers, cormorants, black winged stilts,  Kingfishers, Little stint, River Terns,

 ....purple swamp hens and bronze winged Jacanas.

There are a lot of land birds near the lakes like the white browed wagtail, ashy crowned sparrow lark, blue rock thrush, Red Avadavat, Indian Robin, Black Headed Munia, Red rumped swallow, Baya Weavers, plain prinias and babblers...

...and the obvious red wattled lapwing warning everybody else of our presence.

Though the rains so far has been very little and I sincerely hope it rains now so that we can see a thriving agriculture and an equally thriving bird population across the numerous lakes in and around Hyderabad next season.


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