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Birds of Periyar

Periyar has one of the most diverse bird population and unlike the huge tourist rush ( we were there during Christmas) to see elephants we were able to manage some relatively less crowded nature walks.

Day-1 :
In the morning when we woke up at the Club Mahindra resort we were greeted with the rather hoarse sound of the Malabar grey Horn Bill and the racket tailed drongo.

In the afternoon we took a nature walk to the island opposite the boating jetty. This is a guided trip organized by the forest department and we took a bamboo raft to cross the lake.

We saw velvet fronted nuthatch, Drongo and Malabar whistling Thrush. Then we heard a rather loud swooosh-swooosh sound and when we looked up my initial thought was what is this colourful glider? I realized that this was the first time I was looking at the Great Indian Hornbill. It's size and beauty and the stunning colors kept us in awe for quite sometime..

We walked further in the forest and were hit by a shower of beries from the tr…