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Wildlife of Gir

We took a short vacation to Gir and stayed at the Club Mahindra Resorts. Warm hospitality and a deluxe tent accommodation greeted us after our 6.5 hour road journey from Ahmedabad.

When we landed there we realized we had not done the advanced booking for all the safari rides. Advice for others to plan a month in advance. Thankfully with the help of the staff we could manage four safaris over three days.

Gir is essentially a semi arid forest and this year the rain was below expectations.  There are eight routes for Safaris and you are allotted a route number. Morning Safaris are pretty good. Most of the guides and drivers are focused on spotting Lion and as a result you don't have a great experience of bird watching.

First day we went near the Hiran river behind Taj gateway hotel. Black Ibis, common Iora, Egrets, Wagtails, Sandpiper and Red-wattled Lapwing were mainly sighted.

From 2012 Oct Gir and Diu Wildlife

From 2012 Oct Gir and Diu Wildlife

From 2012 Oct Gir and Diu Wildlife