Mostly Indian Birds - some of my favourites

Here is a sneak peek of some of the bird pictures from different regions of India. Usually these are shot during my vacations and occasiona...

Birding among tea gardens in Munnar

While staying at the Club Mahindra resorts, Munnar for a family vacation during Oct we did some birding in and around the property. The location was among tea gardens and had a lovely view

Most of the birding was during morning walks. The first one was an Indian Yellow Tit just outside of our balcony

A while later a Vernal hanging parrot dropping it's food... oops !!

The first lifer was a Hill Swallow ( Hirundo (tahitica) Domicola) again similar to the Pacific swallow found only in the Nilgiri belt and Sri Lanka

A juvenile Blue rock thrush female ( ID To be confirmed)

and another lifer, the Nilgiri Flowerpecker!! It is now treated as a separate species than Plain flower pecker

While we went for a day long trip to Chinnar wildlife sanctuary the timing as well as the availability of wildlife was a disappointment. We just spotted a wild elephant and a  Grey-backed shrike.

Good to see a few lifers. Not an exhaustive birding trip though I understand that Munnar has good potential.

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