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Here is a sneak peek of some of the bird pictures from different regions of India. Usually these are shot during my vacations and occasiona...

Birds near Puducherry

Took a family vacation last week to Pondicherry. While this vacation was not meant for bird photography and it was not the best time of the year either, I ended up visiting a few local birding hotspots.

My first visit was to Bahour Lake, about 15 Kms from Pondicherry, off the Cuddalore highway. While the lake catchment area was huge, the size of the actual lake was disappointing. However I could catch a glimpse of Little Grebes, Egrets, Cormorants, etc. Near to the lake, especially around the fields we could get shots of Kingfisher, Bee-eaters, Drongo and Shikra

Next day, I went to Osudu Lake ( also called Ousteri) ,10 kms off the city centre, which off late has been declared a bird sanctuary thanks to a lot of efforts by local associations. The lake definitely had a diverse bird population and looked like a must visit place during winters when the migratory birds visit this lake. I could see a lot of Coots, Little grebes, Garganey, Swamphen and Moorhens.

Finally on the way back to Chennai, made a quick stop at Odiyur lake and got some good view of painted storks and pelicans.

One of the most common birds especially around the beaches are Crows and Ravens. A few shots of them :


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